Kuti Harvesting

Pipis, also known as Goolwa Cockles, or Kuti in the Ngarrindjeri language, have been a staple food for Aboriginal people in South Australia for 10,000 years. 

Ngopamuldi is a proud partner in Kuti Co, a wholly Ngarrindjeri-owned commercial Pipi harvesting enterprise on the pristine shores of South Australia's Coorong National Park.

Along with our partners, the Ngarrindjeri Aboriginal Corporation (NAC) and the Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation (ILSC), we are developing a sustainable industry harvesting sea clams.

Kuti Co is a major shareholder in Goolwa PipiCo, Australia's biggest Pipi processing company.


Cultural Connection

The Ngarrindjeri people believe that all living things are connected - our lands, our waters, our people. Respect for Country is central to the Pipi harvesting industry that Ngopamuldi is building with our partners.

The dunes of the Coorong, where our Pipi harvesting teams work, are littered with middens containing millions of Kuti shells from milennia gone by.

A number of jobs have been created for Ngarrindjeri people to harvest sustainably in these pristine waters, as their ancestors did. 

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