Kangaroo Paw Plant

Sustainable Growth

The Ngarrindjeri people believe that all living things are connected - our lands, our waters, our people. Respect for Country is central to the way we operate.

three flowering scarlet kunzea, Kunzea baxteri.jpg

Wildflowers & Native Plants

Australian plants and wildflowers have been a source of food and medicine for Aboriginal people for tens of thousands of years.​

Ngopamuldi Aboriginal Corporation grows kangaroo paw, stirling wax, safari sunset, purple hop bush, kunzea ambigua and other species at a farm in the Lower River Murray region.

At our purpose-built nursery in Murray Bridge, staff collect, store and propogate native seeds or cuttings from a variety of plants to produce tube stock seedlings and larger mature plants.​​

We also supply 'bush tucker' plants such as bush mint to local chefs and retailers.



The implementation of an Irrigation Enhancement Plan at the nursery located at Murray Bridge aims to utilise quality controlled, nutrient rich water from a sustained fish habitat adjacent to the nursery to: 

  • Naturally enhance the water used to irrigate the nursery 

  • Increasing natural nutrients to the nursery and decreasing chemical nutrients 

  • Improving microbial activity within the nursery soil media  to improve the nursery's resilience to pest and disease 

  • Mitigate risks of plant/tube stock losses 

  • Increase the strength/vitality and growth of the nursery's plant stock 

The principles of the Irrigation Enhancement Plan are in line with the cultural principles of the Ngarrindjeri people. As it looks to use natural systems working together to provide improved environmental outcomes.