Magrath Flat, Coorong National Park, South Australia.

An aerial shot of a pink lake in th

Working on Country

The Working on Country program employs Indigenous Rangers and Coordinators to undertake environmental activities in the Coorong and Murray Lower Lakes area.

Activities include maintenance of a native plant nursery, rehabilitation of wetlands, habitat restoration, monitoring and protection of threatened plant and animal species, weed and pest animal control and cultural site protection. 


Creating Brighter Futures

The Working on Country program provides employment and training to Aboriginal community members. 

We are continuing to undertake a range of high priority Natural Resource Management (NRM) activities including:

  • NRM related employment, training and mentoring for the Aboriginal community

  • Pest plant and animal control (including follow-up of previous sites)

  • Revegetation (including maintenance of previous sites)

  • Wetland management and monitoring

  • Biodiversity monitoring

  • Development of partnerships and other funding opportunities.